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Welcome to Dermi Wax Center

Experience the Art of Waxing in Orlando, FL

Waxing services to remove unwanted hair using strip-less premium green hard wax with 100% natural ingredients. Green wax is gentle on skin and less pain.


A variety of relaxing facials tailored towards your specific skin type and goals. Facial services include microdermabrasion, clinical peel and derma rolling.

Body Treatments

Body treatments such as body scrubs and wraps help promote the internal and external health with relaxation, exfoliation, shaping and detoxifying.

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Dermi Wax Center

Experience a high quality, relaxing and enjoyable spa experience. Our waxing, facials and body treatments will pamper, refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Spa services for women and men
  • Strip-less green hard waxing
  •  High quality facials for all skin types
  •  Relaxing body scrubs and wraps
  •  High quality products for sale

Spa & Beauty Care

Products are available at Dermi Wax Center

Nanosphere Plus Serum has been specifically formulated to allow natural stem cells to preserve and protect…

D’Aging is the most effective vitamin and anti-aging formula for day and night use. It nurtures the skin by…

ST-Lift creates optimization to all your professional treatments, enhancing all the benefits of other applied…